BIOflex® and VITAflex® in use:

This patented magnetizing pattern can be found in multiple sports applications such as knee, wrist and elbow support bandages, lumbar belts and more. Our bandages (65% nylon, 25% latex and 10% spandex), for example, contain various BIOflex® and VITAflex® products.

All BIOflex® and VITAflex® products are NOT sold or meant to be used as medical devices! They are solely meant to provide additional comfort and support personal well-being in their respective application.



We focus on our customer needs in the INDUSTRIAL, PROMOTIONAL, RETAIL and WHOLESALE markets for plastic-bonded permanent magnets at the highest quality level for a wide range of applications.

We are putting YOU, our customers FIRST, by providing technically advanced magnetic solutions wherever needed.

We look forward to working on YOUR next specific magnetic challenge!

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