BIOflex® DELTA is the next, more advanced, generation of flexible permanent magnets with the original “CCM” Technology. The alternating pole sequence is maintained and supplemented by a rare-earth magnet in the center. The benefit of the BIOflex® Delta technology is the very high concentration of the magnetic flux density on the surface.


BIOflex® Delta
USPTO: US 5,965,282
TM U.S.A.1, 417,346
U.S.A. 3,265,415
CANADA TMA 336,093

Please find chart below with flux density:

Air gap
(Penetration depths in mm)


BIOflex® Classic



BIOflex® and VITAflex® Spiral
0 635 2280 1012
10 31 170 188
20 6 22 59
30 3 10 23
40   2 10





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