FerroMag - Ferrous sheets

(matte white, PVC coating)

Fact Sheet:


Baermann Magnetics Inc. does not give any guarantee for usability with any printing method and or/printing
system. Printing results may vary depending on the specific printers and inks used and/or the printing
method and speed. In digital printing with solvent-based paints, PVC - coated films should be laminated.
We strongly advise to test our material under real production environment. 


Ferrous Sheet

All of our FerroMag ferrous sheets are based on special ferrite powders, which are bound in plastic and are therefore flexible and easy to work with scissors, cutters or guillotine shears. The ferrofoils presented here, also called iron foils, are used as an adhesive base for magnets and magnetic foils.


We focus on our customer needs in the INDUSTRIAL, PROMOTIONAL, RETAIL and WHOLESALE markets for plastic-bonded permanent magnets at the highest quality level for a wide range of applications.

We are putting YOU, our customers FIRST, by providing technically advanced magnetic solutions wherever needed.

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