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Magnetic sheets are plastic-bonded, flexible  permanent magnets, originally invented back in the 1950s by Max Baermann, our co-founder. These sheets come in various widths and thicknesses and magnetic and mechanical properties. The variables here are a different compound qualities (e.g. varying filling grades of ferrites) and also the magnetization method and pole pattern applied.

PermaMag® magnetic sheets are of a so-called isotropic quality and show a one-side multipole magnetization with a pole pitch of 0.087”.

Our item PermaMag® 5014 provides for a matte white PVC coating on the non-magnetic side for easy printing. For plain brown magnetic sheets, please refer to our item PermaMag® 518. Both items do not show any back coating on the magnetic side due to its specific production method.






magnetic sheets




We focus on our customer needs in the INDUSTRIAL, PROMOTIONAL, RETAIL and WHOLESALE markets for plastic-bonded permanent magnets at the highest quality level for a wide range of applications.

We are putting YOU, our customers FIRST, by providing technically advanced magnetic solutions wherever needed.

We look forward to working on YOUR next specific magnetic challenge!

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