Magnetic strips and pre-cut flexible magnetic sheets

All of our flexible magnetic products can be customized to your specific requirements.

We can supply custom thicknesses, sizes, self-adhesives, laminations, magnetizations and magnetic adhesions.

Please contact us to discuss your specific magnetic requirements, the magnetic and mechanical properties you required and provide us with an indication of the desired quantity. We will then be able to present you a tailor-made, specific and most economical offer.

For further information on our custom manufacturing capabilities and entire range of flexible magnetic materials including all technical data, kindly refer to our related webpage by clicking here: Magnetic Sheets

If you need any additional help or assistance, or if you have any specific question with respect to our product range, do not hesitate to calling us directly by phone or sending us an E-Mail.


We focus on our customer needs in the INDUSTRIAL, PROMOTIONAL, RETAIL and WHOLESALE markets for plastic-bonded permanent magnets at the highest quality level for a wide range of applications.

We are putting YOU, our customers FIRST, by providing technically advanced magnetic solutions wherever needed.

We look forward to working on YOUR next specific magnetic challenge!

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